Fanatec CSL Button Box wheel base plate by Chad711

Used to add button box functionality to your rig (electronics not included). Require 2 for either side of your wheel base.
CSL Button Box (PC only). Printed in black PLA

You will need a Pro Micro board and you will either need to create a sketch for the buttons to work or you can use the sketch from AmStudios Youtube videoThe parts and sketch are listed in the video information.

If you use his sketch please give him a like and sub as that sketch is all the hard work in this project. He has a lot of awesome DIY sim racing videos so check him out.

We can supply and build the electronics if you do not want to do yourself, please read the description on the Thingiverse website before ordering the print. The author has only allowed for the right side which has 11 button functions if you request 2 plate copy the same type and style buttons that will give you a total or 22 button functions out of a possible 32 button combinations provided by the AMSTUDIOS project.

Note:   Rotary encoders (for brake bias etc) take 3 switch functions (rotary left and right plus 1 x press button), hence 7 press button functions and 4 rotary positions. 

see other listings if you require the electronics to be added. Please be aware as these are not our files that you request to be printed we are not responsible for any alignment issues and the mounting bolts are not included with the printing.

If you require both sides of the wheel to have a button box please order two (2) in checkout. Please note you will have to pay for 2 postage charges as the parcel size is doubled.

All pictures are drawn from the Thingiverse web site.


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