Fanatec Csr Pedal Inversion Brackets by Naiyon

Invert your CSR pedals in this mod.
The author has created brackets to invert fanatec csr pedals to save the cost of buying the brackets from the fanatec website. The author has a slight problem with the design. The author miscalculated the opening where part of the pedal assembly will slide into the brake pedal bracket by 4mm, and about 2 mm on the gas pedal.

If you want to file it down a little it can slide in for an even more secure fit, but works just as well if you leave it as is. This is more of a prototype might update this in the future when i get the chance too. Please instruct us if you want increased infill for "clutch kicking" - added strength.

Author quote "For infill should be around 50-70% if you like clutch kicking".

All pictures are taken from the Thingiverse website.

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