PPP-LC-5 T3PA-Pro 50Kg Load Cell Kit (Plug & Play)

Upgrade your T3PA-Pro pedals with Thrustmaster Brake mod with a 50 Kg Load Cell Plug & Play Pro kit. (MUST HAVE Thrustmaster Brake mod fitted)
Please note the design has changed so the photos are explanation only. (pics updated soon)


 Great mod for Thrustmaster Users.
 Adjustable pedal position.
 USB Saver —Plugs into the wheelbase.
 Adds more pressure to a set of pedals that normally has a light brake.
 Better feeling race car like pedal with better pedal modulation.
 Maintains cross compatibility—Xbox/PS4/PC.
 Easy to Install, like a factory mod.
 Can race in shoes.
 Also works when pedals are Inverted.
 Very reduced pedal throw.
 LOAD CELL strength 50Kg.
 Adjustable sensitivity at the wheel base.
 Lower lap times making you faster.
 Works with Leo Bodnar USB adaptor.

Watch a review of the T3PA-Pro Load Cell Kit, by Shaun Cole of "The Simpit".


Includes the load cell with mount and control box.

As with all versions this load cell kit replaces the existing potentiometer with a Load Cell and electronics and adjustment potentiometer mounted in a remote control box somewhere near the wheel base (up to you).

Unlike the T3PA-Pro (Non Plug & Play) version this kit does NOT require the pedals to be dis-assembled to install the mod. Simply mount the load cell kit on to the Thrustmaster Brake mod bracket, plug the original pedal cable into the control box and plug the load cell cable into the load cell socket then plug the control box cable into your wheel base.

Download the install manual here.
last updated 28/06/2020

  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: PPP-LC-5
  • Manufacturer:BF Electronics

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